Keep It Casual

Citizen Everyday Oxford Button Down

Man wearing grey crewneck and grey jeans. He is leaning on a white wall.

Think. Feel. Comfort.

Everyday Crew

Great store with some very well curated options. The Citizen branded apparel are some of the highest quality goods I've purchased anywhere.

G. Millala

The best place in Victoria for well made mens clothing, and Patrick, the owner, couldn't be a nicer guy. He's actually the only reason I somewhat know how to dress myself.

J. Grieve

I have been purchasing clothing from Patrick since his days in the Estevan Village. He provides unique top-quality men's brands in Victoria and is genuinely a nice guy. Thank you, Patrick!

M. Walsh


Better in basics.

Everyday Crew
Man is smiling and leaning on a pinball machine wearing V-neck Citizen goods black t-shirt and CP black cargo pants

Citizen Goods V-Neck Tee

V-Neck Tee
man wearing CP cotton hat and a black Circolo jacket looking down and holding his arm

In Good Company


Everyday Mood Collection

What’s Your Mood?

It’s the many sides of you. Happy, sad, and all the in between. How you feel — it all depends on you.

A man and woman looking at each other and leaning on a pinball machine wearing cream colour hoodies with a smiley face graphic on top left