Welcome Citizens!

We are Citizen Clothing and Citizen Goods.  Hand in hand we move towards a better product, designed to fit, with comfort in mind.  We believe in ethically produced clothing that's focused on timeless design and made to last. We choose to work with partners that align with us on environmental and social standards. Together we bring you timeless staples for the everyday. 



Our Story

The Citizen Clothing story began with the opening of our shop in 2010.  Since the first day, our goal has been to work in tandem with vendors and producers, to deliver exceptional products to our clients through an inclusive, creative and quality driven experience.  As the years passed and our relationships with our clients expanded we saw a new opportunity, one that would fulfill a lifelong ambition to develop a lifestyle brand of products and services that would compliment our curated offerings.  With a focus on quality, sustainability and functional design, our vision was realized - CITIZEN GOODS was created.